TET method - TET education


The how (to teach children English) is everything.

Total English Teaching is a complete method for teaching English which is specially designed for young children. Now, you can franchise the method and offer it in your own teaching centre, without it losing its own personality. Moreover, the TET seal of quality will make your centre even more prestigious.

This English teaching method for babies introduces all the English grammatical structures in real, meaningful and fun contexts for children. In other words, in the same way that a child in an English-speaking family would learn these structures. The objective is to take advantage of these months when it is possible to learn English without any effort. Also, the method has a high quality standard, both on a phonetic level and a structural understanding of the English language.


The method

believes that a child is a complete individual.

In this way, the child experiments with language through its feelings, emotions and intelligence.

Learn english while they have fun!

One of the main objectives of Total Inglés Teaching method is to generate positive experiences that the child will associate with learning English. By this way, we favor their future learning. Therefore, the method seeks to get children to be happy while learning English.