Now you can use Total English Teaching in your education centre!


The best way of teaching English to children from when they are babies. With TOTAL ENGLISH TEACHING your centre will be the same, but even better, because it will offer a teaching method of outstanding quality exclusively in your area with the guarantee of the TET seal.

Total English Teaching places at your disposal all the techniques and materials necessary for teaching English to young children, without effort, and with proven results. Thanks to the application of the TET method, our early childhood education centre Superfriends has been awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE).

And, of course, being a Total English Teaching franchise holder means receiving the support of the team of professionals that have developed the method.


Total English Teaching is not just another method: it is more than a method. It is an independent teaching technique, developed and proven from the experience of teaching English to small children for more than thirty years.

The method’s underlying principle is experiential learning, and this is what makes it different from other methods. Also, all the materials used are our own materials, which have been specially developed pedagogically for teaching English. They are also adapted for each age group.

Total English Teaching is a living organisation: the team who develop the method use it on a daily basis, and this is why they are constantly developing new and improved materials to optimize their teaching system.