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METHOD · Total English Teaching “TET”

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Lola Sancho González

Managing Director

Businesswoman in the area of Education since 1980, directing and managing Early Childhood Education Centres and Language Centres. Always interested in innovating, investigating and learning to resolve and facilitate the needs of young children.

My priorities for my team who work with children are: dedication, eagerness, imagination, sacrifice and lots of love and affection, and this has a name… VOCATION!

Vanessa Cabrelles Sancho

Commercial Director

I am Vanessa Cabrelles Sancho. I have a degree in translation and interpreting and for the last 12 years I have been managing the language training centre “Regency School”, which is part of the Regenbig group.

I am one of the initial founders of the TET project, and I am currently in charge of its commercialisation and expansion.

On a personal level, I love going to the cinema, dancing and reading, especially related to personal development, something I am passionate about and which I began through the Silva Method.

The TET method fascinates me as it combines my two big passions: education and personal development. Every day I see how young children learn, internalise and live English in such a natural way, without any effort, simply becoming part of it.

More than 80% of what we learn, we learn based on what we experience.

What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; but what you do, you understand.


José Luís Millan Sancho

Logistics and Distribution

I was awarded a diploma in Marketing and Public Relations in 1995. Since 2007, I have been managing the administrative and economic area of Early Childhood Education, and I undertake the administrative, logistic and economic work for the TET Method franchise.

Personally, my hobbies are going to the cinema, music, reading and travelling (getting to know different cultures).

I love everything related to distribution and marketing, in this case applied to education and focused on the expansion of our TET (Total English Teaching) method.

Celeste Cutter

Creative Director

Celeste Cutter is the creative director and one of the faces of TET, her new challenge, which is a step forward in her growth process as an educator.

Celeste has always made an effort to be an example of an educated person for her students, passing on important values like honesty, tolerance, fairness and having respect for diversity and valuing cultural differences. Celeste teaches her students to be curious and creative, to take risks, experiment and solve problems on their own. These are abilities that she believes are essential for intellectual growth.

She is a tireless worker, who always makes an effort to consolidate her teaching, critically examining her daily practice and expanding her repertoire to adapt her teaching to new discoveries, ideas and theories.


Terry Aliaga Trujillo

Training Department

I was born in Whitehaven, Cumbria, England. I obtained a degree in English Philology in 1997 and was awarded the Certificate of Pedagogical Attainment in 1998. I have been working with babies since 2003. I worked on the creation of the programming of the TET Method since its beginning to facilitate the training of teachers who are going to impart the method.

When it comes to working with our methodology, what motivates me is that our students really understand and speak English right from the beginning, with cases where a child from a Spanish-speaking family decides that its first word will be in English. This means everything.

Álex Roca Marín

Linguistic Department

I have always had a latent vocation to teach young children. This is why, after graduating with a degree in Journalism from the Cardenal Herrera University (CEU) and finishing my Master’s Degree in Audio-visual Contents and Formats in the University of Valencia, I decided to train to become an Expert Technician in Early Childhood Education.

I have worked as an English teacher in different academies and Early Childhood Education Centres in Valencia, my native city. I have also worked in Edinburgh, Scotland and in a Kindergarten, teaching 2 to 3 year olds.

Currently, I am the tutor in Superfriends School, where I apply the Total English Teaching method on a daily basis, with results that never cease to amaze me. The children internalise the language quickly, without any effort, as if it were a game. My contribution to the method involves creating the content and activities, as well as writing the teacher’s manual.

Each day, my job makes me more and more aware of the crucial importance of early childhood education. The more learning opportunities that we can offer children in their first years of life, the more doors we are opening for them, on all levels. Educating young children does not just involve teaching them values, habits and knowledge, but also involves learning from them.


María Bartual Uriarte

Linguistic Department

I am María Bartual and I am a translator and interpreter. For the last 4 years I have been involved in teaching, especially teaching English to 3-year-old children, applying the Total English Teaching method. I also teach groups of adolescents and adults. In the TET project, I have carried out administrative and structural tasks for its future development for other teaching members of the team.

On a personal level, I really like the audio-visual world (cinema, series, dubbing…) and playing sport (running, sailing, step…). I have taken a 2-year dubbing actress and advertising voiceover course and it is an activity that I find very interesting, fun and fulfilling on both a personal and professional level.

My biggest motivation is seeing how to improve and perfect the teaching of young children, who learn English without any effort, in a natural way, enjoying all the games, songs and stories that we do in class. I believe that you never stop learning in life and that the teachers also learn every day from the students who provide us with a fresh focus and new methods of teaching.

Andrea Anasagasti Álvarez

Artistic Department

I am Andrea de Anasagasti, an architect by profession, teacher by vocation. For almost 20 years, I have been involved in the INSPIRATIONAL world of child development, specifically babies and toddlers.

In the beginning, my introduction to child education was in the psychomotor and early stimulation area.

Due to my athletic past and great love for swimming, I trained in child development and I learned that REAL learning is that which stays with us for our ENTIRE life, it is MEANINGFUL learning, which is achieved when the child LIVES and ENJOYS it. This is why I now LOVE working with these same babies on “land” with a method that is so FUN and INTERACTIVE like TOTAL ENGLISH TEACHING.

What is most STRIKING is seeing the youngest babies, 4-5 months old, totally FOCUSED in the classes and ACTIVELY involving themselves in TET’s various activities, moving their bodies and opening their eyes with all their strength!

I love my work because thanks to TET I can use all my energy and creativity to make each class a GREAT educational experience, focused on their development stage, and the best thing is that it NEVER ceases to amaze me!


Adriana Isabel Moctezuma Vega

Artistic Department

I have been an English teacher in the Big Ben academy and in the Chiquilín Nursery School since 2013, where I am one of the people responsible for imparting the TET method. When I am not in the classroom, I undertake graphic activities, such as making murals and designing activities for the children. My biggest motivation is seeing how methods like TET achieve the holistic development of very young children, with the hope that in the future it will be shared internationally as a basic teaching method in the learning of a new language.

Rachel González Menchon

Artistic Department

I am Raquel González, a law graduate who, after an early foray in the world of law, felt inclined towards working with children, which led me to collaborate on projects of this kind. I have been a volunteer with and later coordinator of the NGO Elbassma, based in Morocco, which aims to cover the basic educational needs of its child population. Subsequently, I worked on international Human Rights projects in the United Nations, Geneva, and as a national researcher for the Council of Europe’s ELSA for Children project, publishing a book with the results obtained from the process.

At the same time as this, I have developed my great passion as a teacher over the years of teaching English, concentrating my efforts on Early Childhood Education. My second passion is dance, and one of the big advantages of my job teaching children is being able to combine my two main interests: Dance and Education, passing all of my knowledge about corporal expression to the children, fostering their enthusiasm for movement as a communicative tool.

The TET project, especially the area I participate in (American Sign Language), is the result of the team’s exhaustive study into other forms of expression for young children, which is one of the most valuable tools that can be given to children in the development stage of language.


Cristina Sancho Cabrelles

Artistic Department

Expert technician in Early Childhood Education for 7 years in one of the REGENBIG GROUP centres “Chiquilín Bilingual School” and currently manager of the language centre Big Ben School 2.

During my time as a teacher, I got to know the TET method very well. It is more than a method and I believe that it is a great opportunity for children, which they understand as it is great fun for them, and this is what is most important. I admire this incredible capacity to understand through stimulation and playing that children develop in the first 3 years of their lives.

I love music, drawing, creativity and design, which is why I really enjoy the development and creation of new materials and characters for the “Total English Teaching” method.

Rosa Reina con Decora Educando

Educational Material

As a graphic designer and textile manufacturer, backed with 20 years of experience in contact with the child sector, I created Decorate Teaching to provide children’s schools not only with branded personalised material but also educational content for schools, developing tailor-made methods like TET, to make them more easily accessible and tangible for children in textile, safe, washable and soft, with a quality design and guarantee.

My greatest inspiration with TET has been capturing the need for tailor-made material to give children a global introduction to the content, in this way creating unique experiences and fun, different and extremely satisfactory learning, awakening their interest in both big and small subjects.