Nanuck Children School


Nanuck Children School


Nanuck is a trustworthy place where we will help your children achieve all their goals, advancing step by step in this new stage of their lives, and for this reason, our priority will be to make them happy.

We will obtain a correct and adequate development in movement, emotional and intellectual abilities, using an innovative teaching method in three different languages which will stimulate all their senses.

This centre is provided with a wide range of installations which fulfill all the established valid regulations, and offers the guarantee of security welfare for the very young ones at all times.


945 01 59 75 / 673 645 131



Avd. Naciones Unidas nº39 bajo, 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)

Opening hours

From 7:00 to 19:00 hours


We are working on daily basis with the best educational techniques, to transmit to all our pupils, the presentation of different languages right from the bosom of the family. Bearing in mind the importance that languages acquire nowadays in the social scope, we begin with the implantation right from the very moment that the child enrolls in our Centre.

Extracurricular activities, Summer school and Christmas holiday activities
Enquire about our services and facilities in the school, in order to participate and enjoy them all year round or all the activities and English lessons during the holiday periods.

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