Escoleta La Vall Child Education Centre


Escoleta La Vall Child Education Centre


First cycle of 0-3 year-olds.

The Escoleta La Vall is a private Child Education Centre authorized by the Consellería d’Educació i Cultura de les Iiies Balears.

The Escoleta La Vall offers a complete formation of pupils working right from the start with the introduction of the English language, together with the catalan and the Spanish languages, from the first level. The Escoleta La Vall is not a kindergarten, since it was not set up as a place to keep children, but as a centre that provides for the baby and the infant, all the necessary elements of the education and the stimulation that they need, creating a suitable environment of safety, affection and the adequate learning facilities.





C/ Oleza, 11, bajos, 07141 Sa cabaneta - Marratxi (Mallorca)

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 17:00 hours


Stimulation at an early Age

The task that is carried out with the pupils between 0 & 6 years old, is the basic foundation of their future learning process and their future skills and capacity development. For this reason, it is very important during the Child Education stage, for the child to work hard in different areas.
In the school, we introduce a method of early stage stimulation especially focussed on facilitating and accelerating the learning process right from the first few months of life. This method covers the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Lanuages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Encyclopedic knowledge
  • Motor development
  • Music

The method of early stage stimulation facilitates the acquisition of knowledge on the part of the child and provides them with the agility with respect to topics related to themes logic,visual memory, relationship of concepts,etc.


The school follows an active methodology in which the child is not just a simple receiver of the contents, but also participates actively. This fact reinforces the personal and social growth of the child and enables their indvidual evaluation to provide the necessary tools to to reach the established objectives during the different stages.

What we offer:

  • Introduction of English language from Year 0, with the teaching method of Total English Teaching (TET EDUCATION)
  • Cozy classrooms adapted to the needs of the children, fully climatized, with areas for rest, preparation of meals, crafts and plastic works.
  • A team of qualified teaching staff.
  • Self-owned kitchen with cooking facilities, using fresh products from the market, with menus elaborated by a qualified medical nutritionist and adapted to the necessities and ages of the children. Special diet meals for celiac children, with intolerance or food allergies.
  • Wide outdoor areas in full nature.
  • Long opening hours: From Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 17:00h, all year round.
  • A specialised teacher of child psychomotor.
  • Trilingual school: All the directed activities are carried out in the three languages(Catalán, Spanish & English), from level 1(4 months old).
  • Service of psychopedagogical attention: for the children who need it.
  • Direct relationship with the Early stage Attention of the Conselleria de Educación: To carry out an early diagnosis and an immediate intervention in the cases of the pupils with learning or development difficulties.

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